JMT 2017

In the summer of 2017 I thru-hiked the Nüümü Poyo, also known as the John Muir Trail. Though the latter is the name given to the trail by white settlers, the path has long been an ancestral trade route of the Nüümü (the people; also known as the Paiute).

The Nüümü Poyo mostly runs concurrent with the longer Pacific Crest Trail, which I thru-hiked in 2022. It follows the Sierra Nevada mountain range through high passes, snow, gorgeous river valleys, treacherous water crossings, and some of the most beautiful stars I’ve ever seen.

I started this blog to share my experience hiking this trail, so when I wrote the following posts I was just beginning to figure out how to write. (Take them with a grain of salt.)

Pre-Hike Posts:

Why I’m Hiking the JMT

Introducing the Blog

JMT Training

Heavy Pack, Ultralight Dreams

Pre-Departure Thoughts

From the Trail:

Updates from Mammoth Lakes

Post-Hike Reflections and Gear:

Beautifully Brutal: Some Reflections on the John Muir Trail

JMT Gear List and Reviews