PCT 2022

In 2022 I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. This page is your one-stop shop for links to my posts!

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Before the Trail

January 2022: I’m Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2022!

March 2022: Why I’m Not Buying a Ton of New Gear for the PCT

On the Trail

Southern California: April 19 – June 2

PCT Day 0 and Day 1

PCT Day 2: Breakfast, Wildflowers, and Creek Baths

PCT Day 3: Friends, Beer, and Wind

PCT Day 4: Unplanned Zero

PCT Day 5: Heaps of Miles

PCT Day 6: Heaps of Flowers and Julian Again

PCT Day 7: Sunrise to Siesta to Sunset

PCT Day 8: Hot, Clean, and Sexy

PCT Day 9: Do It for the Burger

PCT Day 10: Paradise

PCT Day 11: Uphill

PCT Day 12: Town Legs

PCT Day 13: Zero in Idyllwild

PCT Day 14: San Jacinto

PCT Day 15: What Goes Up Must Come Down

PCT Day 16: Beach Day

PCT Day 17: What is this, the Amazon?

PCT Day 18: DMCs with DLT

PCT Day 19: Zero in Big Bear

PCT Day 20: Vibing With My Cucumber

PCT Day 21: The Luxury

PCT Day 22: Crab Walk

PCT Day 23: The McDonald’s

PCT Day 24: Up and Over

PCT Day 25: Wrightwood and Starting Baden-Powell

PCT Day 26: Baden-Powell and the Frog Detour

PCT Day 27: Roasting and Coasting

PCT Day 28: Reunited!

PCT Day 29: Zero in LA

PCT Day 30: Green Glass Door

PCT Day 31: One Month

PCT Day 32: I Would Walk 500 Miles

PCT Day 33: Hikertown and the Aqueduct

PCT Day 34: Windswept and Suffering

PCT Day 35: Goodbye, Wind Farm

PCT Day 42: We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore

PCT Day 43: Farewell to the Desert

PCT Day 45: Zero in Kennedy Meadows

Sierras: June 3-July 2

PCT Day 46: So Begins Part 2

PCT Day 47: Vitamin I and the Dead

PCT Day 48: Cutting Onions

PCT Day 49: Nero to Crabtree

PCT Day 50: Tumanguya

PCT Day 51: Birthday in the Sierras

PCT Day 52: Kearsarge Pass to Bishop

PCT Day 53: Zero in Bishop

PCT Day 54: Hitchin’ and Bitchin’

PCT Day 55: Wet Feet, Wet Mood

PCT Day 56: I’m Sorry I Am a Slug

PCT Day 57: How is This Real

PCT Day 58: Tribute

PCT Day 59: (D)evolution

PCT Day 60: Cloudy With a 0% Chance of Cheese

PCT Day 61: Taking it All In

PCT Days 62 and 63: Nero and Zero in Mammoth Lakes

PCT Day 64: Bridge Trolls

PCT Day 65: Last Big Pass

PCT Day 66: Neato Mosquito Cheeto Burrito

PCT Day 67: Hilly Rocky Mosquito Hell

PCT Day 68: A Thousand Miles

PCT Day 69: Hello Northern California

PCT Day 70: Joy

PCT Day 71: Snow Slide

PCT Day 72: Bless U Carson Pass

PCT Day 73: Nero to Tahoe

PCT Day 74: Zero in South Lake Tahoe

Northern California: July 3-July 30

PCT Day 75: Happy Birthday, Tribute!

PCT Day 76: Flying Solo

PCT Day 77: Miles of Mule’s Ears

PCT Day 78: Rollercoaster

PCT Day 79: Sierra City Side Quest

PCT Day 80: Sierra Butte-iful

PCT Day 81: Long, Strong, and Beautiful

PCT Day 82: To Quincy

PCT Day 83: Nero in Quincy

PCT Day 84: Desert Reprise

PCT Day 85: Frog Water Part 2: The Refrogening

PCT Day 86: Halfway There

PCT Day 87: Lassen Up

PCT Day 88: Consume ALL the Liquid

PCT Day 89: Hotter Than a Donkey Eating a Spicy Carrot

PCT Day 90: Zero in Burney

PCT Day 91: Burney Falls (And Gets Back Up)

PCT Day 92: Cranky and Confused

PCT Day 93: Is This the AT?

PCT Day 94: Nero to Mt. Shasta

PCT Day 95: Throat Heartburn and the Longest 10

PCT Day 96: Finally, Views!

PCT Day 97: Big Lounge Energy

PCT Day 98: Shattered

PCT Day 99: Nero to Etna


PCT Day 101: Swimming with the Salamanders

PCT Day 102: Blowdown City and the Swimming Hole

PCT Day 103: And Then Sh*t Hit the Fan

Oregon: July 31-August 22

PCT Day 104: Hello, Goodbye

PCT Day 105: Back On

PCT Day 106: Slime Mold in a Sauna

PCT Day 107: New and Familiar Faces

PCT Day 108: LOW Lunch

PCT Day 109: Strongest Geese

PCT Day 110: Crater Lake

PCT Day 111: Lemolo Lake with Wiggs!

PCT Day 112: Best Lake Yet

PCT Day 113: Oregon is Not Messing Around

PCT Day 114: Three Sisters

PCT Day 115: Lava Hell and Big Lake

PCT Day 116: To Bend

PCT Day 117: Zero in Bend

PCT Day 118: A Headache Turned into an Adventure

PCT Day 119: Snoozin’ and Cruisin’

PCT Day 120: Sand Slog

PCT Day 121: Timberline Breakfast and the Accidental Detour

PCT Day 122: Tunnel Falls

PCT Days 123 and 124: Trail Days

PCT Days 125 and 126: Double Zero in Portland

Washington: August 23-September 16

PCT Day 127: Welcome to Washington

PCT Day 128: PCT, But Make It AT

PCT Day 129: Trail Magic and Sawtooth Sunset

PCT Day 130: Trout Lake

PCT Day 131: Pin the Tail on the Passport

PCT Day 132: Pika Party

PCT Day 133: Knife’s Edge

PCT Day 134: Coffee and Cheese

PCT Day 135: Books, Bounce Birds, and Blistering Heat

PCT Day 136: A Bloody Treat

PCT Day 137: Hot and Hilly

PCT Day 138: Snoqualmie and the Bad News Bears

PCT Day 139: Kendall Catwalk

PCT Day 140: Everything Hurts And I’m Dying